Story Collection

World Of Courage
(Superhero Universe – Journal Updates On Mondays)

Season 1
(The Guardians Of Atlanta)

1 – Cyclone Jones

2 – The Great Phantasma

3 – Crusader: The White Knight

4 – Crusader: Leader Of The Guardians

5 – Mirror: The Blessed Twin

6 – The Freakshow And The Eclipse

7 – The Legend Of Stone Mountain Part 1

8 – The Legend Of Stone Mountain Part 2

9 – The Legend Of Stone Mountain Part 3

Season 2
(World Wide Warrior)

New1 – The Warrior Of California Part 1

World Of Harmadonia
(Fantasy Universe – Journal Updates On Tuesdays)

Season 1
(Notes Of Destiny)

1 – The Windy Wood

2 – Escaping The Sacred Forest

New3 – Into The Pirates’ Nest Part 1

World Of Otherworld
(Urban Fantasy Universe – Journal Updates On Wednesdays)

Season 1
(The Precipitous Event)

1 – The Protector And The Conduit

New2 – The Child Of Hart

World Of Laktia
(Sci-Fi Universe – Journal Updates On Thursdays)

Season 1
(Dog Days)

1 -Everything Goes Right

2 -Escape From Coolidge’s Pad

3 – Where Is James Washington

New4 – The Boy Who Came Home

World Of Wrestling
(Pro Wrestling Universe – Journal Updates On Fridays)

Season 1
(Beauty And The Bigdog)

1 – The Rookie

2 – A Pup’s Past

3 – The Return Of Supergirl

New4 – Why We Wrestle

Miscellaneous Stories
(Journal Updates On Saturdays)

Fairy Tales


New The Little Mermaid

Folk Tales

The Stone-Cutter

Bucky And Joe (A Comedic Re-telling of The Tortoise And The Hare)

The Soldier Of Stone Mountain

Psalms, Hymns, And Spiritual Songs

Make A Garden Home

O Garden Of Eden

The Lord’s My Shepherd (Psalm 23)


An Ancient Face Of A Hero