Quick Prep (C/S2/E2/I1)

The three of our heroes worked through the night,
To ready the Silversmith home.
Jonathan, Rayen and Braden,
Only some of them could roam.
It was decided Jonathan would stay,
After he volunteered.

Jonathan: “I got your guys’ back on this one. ‘Sides,
I don’t think they’re coming back here.”

Braden: “Thanks, Jonathan. We appreciate this.”

Rayen: “Yes. More than you know.”

Jonathan: “I’ll run the house. You guys get the tape.”

Braden: “Let’s put an end to their show.”

Braden stuffed the last of a short list,
Of belongings into a backpack.
There wasn’t enough time or space,
To take anything but a light snack-
A few pairs of clothes and some money.
Shadowlash sat in his pocket in the form,
Of an old credit card.

Rayen: “Let’s pray before we go.”

The boys bowed their heads with a nod.

Rayen: “Protect us all, Great Spirit, Jesus.
In your name, Amen.”

Braden: “Let’s hit the road and find this tape.’
We’ll stop these evil men.”

Make a garden home

(To the tune of Nella Fantasia)

“Make a garden home.” The Lord said to the nothingness,
And life came on the wing of his Mighty Word.
And God breathed into Earth, And to Adam it gave birth, This was Man.
And soon after him came, Woman. From his Rib.
They were happy there. No darkness was within their hearts.

Then a serpent came. And he spoke to Eve an evil lie.
He spoke of knowledge beyond their simple minds.
So Eve disobeyed God, and Adam followed along. This was sin.
And soon after their sin, Judgement came from God.
They would one day die. Exiled from their garden home.

Dead Man’s Letter (C/S2/E1/I10)

Braden: “What?” Braden asked in amazement,
“Did those guys do it to him?”

Rayen: “I don’t know yet, Braden, but they will pay for their sin.”

Rayen took a few moments,
Looking for the mail,
That Chris had sent to her,
She was determined to not fail.
When she couldn’t find it,
She remembered her cellphone’s pic,
The one she took in case of emergency,
She navigated to it.
And when she had the picture pulled up,
She zoomed in on the text,
She cleared her throat and began to read.
That reading is what comes next.

Rayen: “Dearest Rayen, My favorite teacher,
I hope this finds you well.
Well, better than my circumstances.
Lately it feels like Hell.

I was just attacked in a bar,
But I got away with a tape.
I’m going to put it in a safe place,
I know you’ve got a lot on your plate-
But I need you to retrieve it,
Should anything happen to me.
It is connected to what we talked about.
You know what it could be.

PO Box 292, at Killingsworth Road Post Office.
I place the tape in your trust.

Your faithful friend in Christ,
Chris Alexander Magnus.”

To Be Continued.

The Soldier On Stone Mountain

Marching marching past Stone Mountain,
The Union army went,
Setting flame to settlements,
The South’s energy was spent.

But then there came an angry voice
That floated over the air,
From an angry confederate soldier,
And I won’t repeat him here.

“It is a ghost!” Some blue coats cried,
And scrambled for their guns,
But their general pointed upward and said
“Tis nothing but confederate scum!”

And he was right, for up upon,
That ancient mountain of stone,
Stood an angry Georgia man
With fire in his tone.

“Send up two men to bring him down!”
The general loudly spoke.
“His speech offends me to my core!
This is not a joke!”

So two men of great war renown,
Marched up Stone Mountain to bring him down…

Twenty minutes passed right by
And the confederate began again
Challenging the general,
To send up more of his men.

The General boiled and with a fiery cry said:
“I will not take this abuse!
Send ten men up there this very time!
I will have no excuse!

So ten men of great war renown,
Marched up Stone Mountain to bring him down…

Twenty minutes later bodies rained down,
Stone mountain covered in Union blood.
The Union army stood quaking,
In that Georgia mud.

The general then said, “That’s the final straw!
He will not be heard from again!
This time send up two cannons, five horses, and two dozen of our best men!”

So twenty-four men of great war renown,
Marched up Stone Mountain to bring him down…

Twenty minutes went by, and down from the peak,
A lone union soldier hobbled down.
He fell to his knees at the foot of the mountain,
Exhaustion in his voice’s sound.

The General said “What is it, man?
Is it a ghost after all?”

The Soldier wheezed and coughed up blood,
And spoke in a voice that was small.

“In all my life never have I seen,
Such a dirty trick by men.
For there isn’t one soldier upon Stone Mountain,
There is two of them. “