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Rhyme and Space is the result of an all encompassing passion to create fun and engaging content out of stories in rhyme. It is part social media, part internet content, and all business. (If fun is your business!)  It also is also equally educational and experimental as it encompasses many different genres including traditionally epic stories such as fantasy and fairy tales, but not shying away from more modern stories such as superheroes and Sci-Fi. If you’ve ever been afraid of poetry, if you love musicals, if lyric and lore is in your blood, Rhyme And Space is for you!

Behind the magic of Rhyme and Space is the Author, Joshua David Ling (Captain of the Ship), and his wife (Magical Fairy Princess) Kay Cee Ling. Joshua writes the stories and builds the worlds. He also performs the stories online and in person. Kay Cee is the boss. She focuses on all the important practical stuff like websites and marketing. (And Making everything pretty. That’s what a magical fairy princess does… Duh!)

You can find them at the following links or on our contact form.

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