Love And Justice (F/E2/I20)

Liam: “Justice will prevail!”

Liam announced as he paced,
Back and forth in the foyer of the house
That was Sir Pherick’s place.

Liam: “For the one trespass we’ve witnessed today,
You could have many years in jail!
Beating a woman mercilessly like that?…
Again! Justice shall prevail!”

There was a murmuring among his troops,
And he felt Keavy’s touch on his arm.
He let her pull him aside,
He listened as if charmed.

After a few agonizing moments,
He turned back to Valentina and her girls.

Liam: “You will leave The Isle of Man!
Never return to this world!
You three are hereby banished!
By the authority,
Of these witnesses and myself.
Pack, and be gone, you three!”

Valentina gave one final glare,
And Keavy turned away.
To look in the face of her saviour, Liam.
Her expressions like the sun’s rays.

Cliona was found and brought inside.
She was not worse for wear.
And once Valentina and her daughters left,
Celebration filled the air.

Liam: “Captain! Coordinate the servants to prepare a feast!”

The captain obeyed his orders.
Not hesitating in the least.
Then Liam called his secretary.

Liam: “Marry us, won’t you, sir?”

Keavy began to cry.
Everything was a blur.

Liam: “What’s wrong, my dearest Keavy?”
He said wiping hairs from her face.

Keavy: “You have seen the real me, sir.
And it’s more than I can take.
I am but a servant girl.
It’s all I’ve ever known.
My father was a type of royalty.
But I’ve been stuck here all alone.
This filth and muck that you see on me.
This is how I am.
Not the beautiful lady from the ball.”

Liam: “That is where you are wrong, ma’am.
You have a love that endures
Through every trial and pain.
A love like that is more attractive
Than any physical gain.
And though you may be covered in cinders,
Eggs, and muck and filth.
Love endures through all that pain,
And any lingering guilt.
Love endures when people die,
And you lose the will to fight.
For love knows you will see them again,
By the dawning of Heaven’s light.
And if love can endure the race,
Until the journey’s end,
Love will find and marry justice,
And the two will forever blend.

And of that period in Keavy’s life,
This is the final chapter.
But beyond this story lies more and more.
Where they lived happily ever after.