The Child Of What? (O/S1/E2/I7)

Patty: “Show me what it is ya found, Jayshawn!
Why have ya gone all pale?”

Jayshawn: “This ‘Child Of Heart.’ If creepy was treasure,
She’d be the holy grail!”

Patty took the book from Jayshawn,
And began muttering to herself.
She paced back and forth, skimming the text,
Hoping it was something else.

Cumina: “Would somebody please explain this to us?”

Ted: “Patty, was Cumina right?”

Patty: “The Child of Hart is a banshee,
From the Otherworld region of Pight.”

Zoe: “But Banshees are lonely spirits of death,
Their wail is darkness’s chime.
They don’t look like creepy little girls, Patty.”

Jawshawn: “Well, they do this time!”

Patty: “The Child of Hart takes many forms,
Usually that of the young.
They are born to or raised by parents who,
Usually cannot have one.
The Child drinks in all their love,
And leaves them as empty shells.
I’ve never seen something this powerful,
On this side of our worlds’ vale.”

Zoe: “But what does it want? Why is it here?”

Patty: “I’m not sure if that can be known.”

The Child and her parents waltzed in with guns.

Child: “I WANT TO GO HOME!!!”

Hands Are Forced (O/S1/E2/I8)

Child: “Take me back to Otherworld!
Take me back right now!”

Jayshawn: “Oh, that’s not a problem!”

Zoe: “It is a problem.”

Jayshawn: “How?”

Zoe: “You can’t just jump willy-nilly
Between two cosmic domains!
It takes more energy than I can muster.”

Child: “Are you all insane?!?”

Patty: “Why do you want to go back to Otherworld?
You have enough love right here.”

The Child stood silent for a moment,
And drew a little more near.

Child: “I know that I am a monster.
But even I get homesick inside.”

She gestured to her “parents,”
And there was no point trying to hide.

The parents with their guns,
Led them on their way.

Child: “If we’re not there in 20 minutes,
You all will die this day!”

Zoe: “If you do that, Child of Hart,
Both of our worlds will die!”

Child: “You know nothing, Faerie-kind!
Now move or you will fry!”

At The Portal (O/S1/E2/I9)

Down through the tunnels to The Hall of Time
Everyone was forced to go.
Jayshawn stuck like glue to Zoe,
As anticipation continued to grow.

Zoe: “We are so so very dead.”

Jayshawn: “I think I know what you mean.
But we gotta play the hand that’s dealt us.
There is no other scheme.”

Ted: “Did anyone else notice the father,
Appears to be undead?”

They all peered through the darkness.
And saw his zombified head.

Zoe: “Yes. He is. I knew it,
The moment they walked in.”

Just then the stopped in The Hall Of Time.
It was all about to begin.

The Child opened up her mouth
And released a blood curdling scream.
Zoe’s power was dragged from her body,
In a manner most obscene.
Zoe’s consciousness was instantly transported-
Into The Child’s mind.
And they stood on the precipice of the portal
In The Hall Of Time.

Zoe: “You are supplementing my power.
With that of your own.”

The child replied with a slow nod,
And said:

Child: “I want to go home!”

Zoe: “That is incredibly dangerous!
No one really knows,
What happens when you use your own power,
You have to stop this and close-
This portal now! You can’t go through it!
This is too much for you!”

The Child of Hart screamed again.


The Child entered the portal,
Without another word.
Then the portal snapped closed.
And Zoe vision blurred.

She saw the undead father,
Drop to the side and die.
And she saw the wife of that man,
Sink to her knees and cry.
All the bewitchments of The Child,
Had left their short influence range.
But the power in that Child of Hart,
Sure left quite the change.

Zoe cried for a few moments,
Letting her fear release.
And Jayshawn hugged her close to him.
They were alive at least.

Otherworlders Stick Together (O/S1/E2/I10)

Just inside The Handsome Hog,
A few days after the ordeal,
Zoe Wallace sat at the bar,
Enjoying a simple meal.
But while she enjoyed the fish and chips,
As greasy as they were,
Her heart was still troubled by The Child of Hart,
And of why she wasn’t sure.

Cumina came to her side,
Having poured a customer a drink.

Cumina: “That can be dangerous what you’re doing there.
That’s a pretty hard way to think.”

Zoe smiled a little bit,
Then began to reply-

Zoe: “The Child was so homesick and alone.
And I know that so was I.
But i can never simply go home.
I have a job to do.”

Cumina: “Right. And if I just simply return home,
They’ll hang me right on cue.”

Zoe: “I miss the reality of my home.
The grass, the rocks, and the trees.
I visited once as a little girl.
And it very much did please.
Back then, my Father was the Conduit.
And he held it all together,
While my mother and I could work and explore,
He was ever so clever.”

Cumina: “Wish I had a pleasant last memory like that.
What with being exiled and all.
I still have no way of explaining my life.
No way for justice at all.”

Zoe: “Cumina, that’s why we should stick together.
Us Otherworlders, steadfast.
We have a bond of friendship,
That should always last.”

Cumina’s eyes began to water,
And she poured them both a drink.

Cumina: “Why’d you have to go and do that?
Why’d you have to make me think?”

Zoe laughed tearfully.
And they hugged from across the bar.
Both felt a little closer to home.
Even though the Otherworld was afar.