Red Rover (L/S1/E1/I6)

The Shields went up And so did James,
To the ship’s single gunner port.
Blayze went to the bridge and Pandora stayed with Dex
Their situation they needed to sort.

Amanda watched with Blayze on the bridge,
As they noted the tiny craft approaching.

Amanda: “320 Sphere? Really Gryve?
Why do you have to be encroaching?”

Blayze: “I’ve read about theses. Sphere’s are small.
But their weapons are super-powered.”

Amanda: “I hope he’s just going to skirt around us.
Or our situation will have soured.”

Just then they received a call
And Amanda answered and said:

Amanda: “Turn around, 320 Sphere,
Or else you will be dead.”

The Gryvian troop didn’t laugh or mock.
He simply told them this.

Gryvian Troop: “You are tresspassing on Gryvian space.
You will receive justice.”

The next thing they knew, The 320 Sphere
Moved to attack position.
It fired shots from it’s oversized,
320 Vampiric Cannon.
They hit the ship and rocked it hard
Taking shields down to 82%
It seemed this little Gryvian pitbull
On destruction was hell-bent.

James returned fire but the ship was fast,
Augmented by it’s vampiric drive.
The Sphere was not simply being driven.
It was practically alive.
It Jumped and dodged James’ shots left and right,
Then Amanda called down below.

Amanda: “We have to do something, Dex and Pandora!
Use your brains! Let’s go!”

Pandora looked at Dex, and Dex back at her,
And in a moment, they began to smile.

Dex: “A Digital Combine, Sealed in some tape!”

Pandora: “And we send it a Phantom file!!”

They got to work quickly,
Attaching wires to parts,
The ship took two more hits,
And out flew sparks,
As Dex welded The combine
Pandora wrapped it in tape,
And they loaded a file on it,
That would do something great.

They ran to the gunner port,
And loaded their gizmo inside,
An old compressed air gun,
Dex beamed with pride.
James looked in disgust.

James: “Just fire the dang thing!”

Pandora activated the trigger,
And their toy began to sing.
It shot out into space, and began to track,
For Digital Vampiric signals,
And it found no lack.
The signal given off
by The Sphere’s Vampiric weapon,
Called to the gizmo like a light to a moth,
And forward the combine was beckoned.

A few moments later
It stuck to the hull,
And in an instant,
it’s weapon dulled.

Amanda: “Quickly, Dex!
That button there!”

Dex pushed the button,
And a green gel was bared.
It stretched from the ship,
And wrapped around the Sphere.
And began pulling it in.

Amanda: “How’s that for fear!?
This little troop’s gonna tell us his lies!
Good work team,
You all win a prize.
We’ll get some very expensive secrets from him!
And sell ’em to the Feds!
Man! This is such a win!”

A Call From Coolidge (L/S1/E1/I8)

Amanda came onto the Bridge,
And sat before the video screen.

Amanda: “Put Coolidge through, Wendall.”
She said to the ship,

And then Coolidge was on the screen.

The balding young man looked somewhere between,
The ages of 25 and 40.
With a red beard that was full of crumbs,
He looked disheveled and dirty.

Coolidge: “What’s up, Amanda? How’s it going?
You’re looking good, today.”

Amanda: “Just cut right to the chase, Coolidge,
What do you need? What will you pay?”

Coolidge: “Come on, Amanda!
Pretty thing? Sunshine?
I thought we could talk,
Maybe have a glass of wine.”

Amanda: “If that’s your mission,
The Answer is no.
What happened between us,
Was a long time ago.”

Coolidge: “Alright, fine!
I’ll cut to the chase.
I’m having a little trouble
With the power at my base.
The feds are starting
To monitor all
Nuclear power,
Both great and small.
So I’m downgrading my system,
To remain off the grid.
Would you help me please?
I’d be obliged if you did.”

Amanda: “Sounds like something that’s right up your alley.
Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Coolidge: “We all change over time, Amanda.
I’m sure it’s not just myself.”

Coolidge raised his hands to show,
All mechanical parts down from the elbow.

Amanda: “Huh? What happened to you?”

Coolidge: “A little accident with a fire screw.
So what do you say, Amanda?
Is this something that you’ll do?

Amanda stood, thought for a moment,
And stared down at her shoe.
She then looked out at the stars,
Her arms folded across her breast,
She cocked her head to one side and said:

Amanda: “6’000, and the answer’s yes.”

Coolidge: “Done is done, Amanda. You know I don’t like haggling price.”

Amanda: “Just be cool while I’m over there, and everything will be alright.”

Amanda ended the call, and walked right off the bridge.
Blayze went to ask her what their past was,
But James grabbed his wrist.

James: “If there’s one thing about Amanda,
You should never ask about,
It’s her love life, Blayze Hallack.
Of that, there is no doubt.

Storm’s A’Comin’ (L/S1/E1/I9)

And so the band of techs arrived,
At Coolidge’s space station home.
The completely cloaked assortment of parts,
Would have looked like a ring around a dome.
If seen without it’s cloaking on,
A sight it would be to behold!
But coordinates sent to The Magnus Canis let them dock.
And into action they rolled.

It didn’t take Amanda and Coolidge long,
To get everyone on task.
His project seemed straightforward enough,
And Blayze was blazing fast.
Reconnecting lines to solar panels,
And tweaking orbital defaults.
Amanda worked alongside him,

Blayze: “So… What’s up, boss?”

Amanda: “Not much, man.
Sorry we haven’t talked.
This is how it is sometimes.
Way more walk that talk.”

Blayze: “Yeah. So how did you get into ITR?”

Amanda: “Now there’s a story that’s truly bizarre.”

Amanda chuckled and ripped off a panel.
She pulled some wires that sparked,
And those, she began to dismantle.

Amanda: “Now for every story I tell you,
You’ve got to tell me yours.
So don’t think I’m just some open book.
You got to pay for my mind’s tours.”

Blayze: “Alright, go ahead.
What you got for me?”

Amanda: “I left home when I was 19.
I had to get out and be free.
My Father’s a General
In the Galactic Federation.
It was all laws and rules with him.
No room for my improvisation.
So how about you, Silvani-man?
What’s with you and Pandora?”

Blayze: “We’ve been friends for a long time.
And we like this sector’s aura.
We’ve been travelling around,
Searching for a home.
A place to finally settle down.
A place to call our own.
But I’m not sure if we ever will.
We love to travel-about.
And we love ITR way too much,
To be bored and do without.”

Amanda smiled and the two continued,
Working in harmony.
While in the docked ship, The Magnus Canis,
Someone had broken free.

The Gryvian troop the team had captured,
Was skulking through the ship.
Unaware if he could escape,
and give his captors the slip.
But suddenly, he heard a sound,
Near the port-side airlock.
He jumped behind a stack of crates,
And saw a man step in from the dock.

The man was paunchy, and had a red beard.
And he rubbed his mechanical hands.

Man coming on board: “Wow, Amanda? That was your password?
Give me a break, man!”

The man came aboard and commented to himself,
On how cool The Magnus Canis was.
And thoughts within the Gryvian troop spun,
As vile plans in his mind buzzed.

Lockdown (L/S1/E1/I10)

Dex: “You can’t be serious, You use that thing
For more than just a paperweight?”

Pandora: “I’m telling you Dex, with the Adams Codex,
The system is really great!”

Dex: “What in the world are you smoking girl?
Jefferson’s a piece of junk!”

And as they were saying this, The Gryvian troop,
Around their perimeter slunk.

He headed straight to the command center,
But he needed a passcode.
A magnetic card or signature was needed.
To make the security system erode.
But that was no problem for this crafty troop.
He had everything planned.
He reached into his utility pocket,
And pulled out Coolidge’s hand.

He put the metal palm against the reader,
And soon he was let inside.
Lockdown he immediately initiated,
Then he beamed with pride.
He turned on all bands of communication,
And blasted his image to the sky.

Gryvian Troop: “Here are my coordinates my liege!
Make my captors fry!”

Amanda saw this signal broadcasted,
Across the monitors in her space.
She ran to the airlock for the dock where their ship,
Was Anchored to Coolidge’s base.
The door would not budge an inch,
And Amanda had a conniption.
She tugged at her hair, as her eyes bulged.

Amanda: “This mess defies description…”

No Time To Lose (L/S1/E2/I1)

Amanda wasted no time at all,
Gathering her crew together.
No lockdown would keep them apart,
And no Gryvian would sever-
The fight she had within herself
Or within her team.
They gathered in what Coolidge called his “Throne room”
To cook up an escape scheme.

Amanda: “Okay everyone,
Listen up carefully!
The Gryvian Troop has escaped our ship,
And I can’t find Coolidge, readily.
The station is now on lockdown,
And there’s no way for us to leave,
This station has a psycho troop on it.
I need some ideas, please!”

Before any ideas could percolate,
A screen nearby lit up,
The face of the Gryvian Troop was on it.

Dex: “He’s not just broadcasting to us!”

Pandora: “Turn up the volume!”
Pandora said quickly,

Blayze grabbed a remote and obeyed.
And what The Gryvian Troop had to say,
Was definitely, grave.

Gryvian Troop: “Calling Gryve Outpost 2021.
I’m sending you my location.
My mission has been stung.
ITR techs, Toolbox types by their look,
Have me holed up in a space station.
But I’ve initiated maneuver, ‘Rook.’
The place is locked down,
And I await your rescue.
For Gryve, and for his power!
I patiently await you.”

The feed cut out,
And for a moment, all was silence.
Then fire rose in Amanda.

Amanda: “Time for some defiance.
Blayze! James! Hunt this sucker down!
If they’re taking this space station,
They won’t find him around!”