High In The Sky (L/S1/E4/I7)

Blayze walked in through the hangar doors.
Dex laid there, bleeding clean,
Feeding his blood into the tubes,
Of that droning machine.

Dex opened his eyes and caught a glimpse,
Of Blayze’s saddened face.
He tried to jump up, but he couldn’t move.
He was pale, with little life-trace.

Blayze: “Stay down, Dex. You’ve made yourself sick.”

Dex: “Dude, I wasn’t trying to hide!
Well, maybe I was.
But seriously dude,
I’m as high as a kite.
I know it was wrong to strand us all here.
And to keep all of you dangling.”

Suddenly he coughed and Blayze lifted his head,
To keep the young pilot from strangling.

Blayze: “Just relax. It’ll be okay.
We’re all gonna get through this alright.”

Dex: “Please don’t tell Amanda, man.
Help me get out of sight.
I didn’t want things to end up this way.
This is never the way it should go.”

Blayze simply stared for a moment.
Then replied: “I know.”

A siren shrieked it’s baleful screech,
And punched into their ears.
Then a voice came echoing it-
An AI with no fear.

AI: “Cosmic anomaly located,
Dangerously nearby.”

Blayze ran out into the field,
And what he saw up in the sky-
Made him as pale as Dex on that slab,
But with ten times the will to fly.
He burst back in through the hangar doors,

Blayze: “Get up, or we’re gonna try!”

One Way Out (L/S1/E4/I8)

Dex: “What the heck is going on?”

Blayze: “Dex, there’s a black hole outside!!
I need you to get up and get the ship running!
This is no time to sit and hide!”

Dex tried to sit up, and spluttered.
His heart heaved in his chest.
Pandora came in with all of the others,
And everyone was instantly stressed.

James began barking inane orders.
Amanda yelled counters at him.
And disgust gripped the hearts
Of Pandora, Hyra, and Jem.

Hyra: “Dex! What have you done to yourself?!”

Amanda: “There’s no time for that!
Jem, I need you to reverse the polarity,
If this rock’s magnets!”

James: “Even with that extra push,
Do you know how much force we’ll need??”

Dex: “I could power it with this blood rig-
If we had a feed!!!”

Amanda: “Now is not-”

Blayze: “I’ve got one.”

Amanda: “What?.. Get up and go right now!”

Blayze grabbed Pandora by the arm.
Amanda didn’t ask how.
He ran with Pandora into the ship
As fast as they could go.

Pandora: “Alright! Where’s the feeder system?”

Blayze hugged Pandora slow.

He reached around her back and found,
Her skin flap that hid controls.
He found the knob he was looking for
And released Pandora from her role.

The knob froze her beating heart
In cryogenic stasis.
Blayze removed her vampiric feeder system
And used it as the basis-
For their escape off of Tarmish.
Connecting wires he spun.
Sin he yelled down to the rest of the crew-

Blayze: “Here’s the hose! I’m done!”

Real Dream (L/S1/E4/I9)

Reading drivers.
Fuel low.
Shutting down…
But my soul…

Pandora: “Where are my menus and decks?”

Pandora wondered inside.

She had passed out, or so she thought-
Then she wondered if she had died.
Images began to flow by.
All abstracts at first.

But then she saw her friends and crew
Being clever and flying away,
And she knew the black hole would not catch them;
At least, it would not this day.

Then the image shifted to-
A war field with mines and battle,
Running through it to her,
Made one feel like chattel.

“Just one more league!” Said a familiar voice,
Then the pain commenced.
Tearing, biting, breaking, searing,
With no use fighting against.

Once again the dream did shift,
They had to get away!
The black hole was coming! It would soon be here!
They could not die this day!!

Pandora: “Alright! Where’s the feeder system?”

Blayze hugged Pandora slow.

He reached around her back and found,
Her skin flap that hid controls.

Pandora felt a silent horror,
Shiver her very soul,
As Blayze turned a knob and froze her heart,
Within the wired controls.
Panic gripped inside her mind,
As she processed this a’new.

Was this real or just a dream?
Was this why she felt askew?

The dream shifted to it’s final tone,
Gryve’s ships flew across the sky.
Toil and pain ruled the universe
Through malice and through lies.
She saw her friends being tortured,
She saw chaos and hate.
She saw that evil had won the day.
Their power was too great.

At What Cost? (L/S1/E4/I10)

Amanda: “If you ever do that again,
I’m letting you be swallowed alive!!!”

Dex looked down with a heavy heart,
And didn’t offer a reply.

Amanda: “Get yourself to the medical bay.
Get the heck out of my sight!”

Dex slowly got up and left the room,
Knowing he couldn’t fight.

Amanda paced bacon and forth.
Blayze sat at a table nearby.

Amanda: “What did he think he was doing?!?
Did he realize he could have died??”

Blayze: “Sometimes people mask their pain,
By acting out like this.
They’re so neat down by everyday life,
They think they need some bliss.”

Amanda: “Vampiric tech may have saved out lives,
But what cost did it accrue?”

Then Blayze knew in his heart,
The thing he had to do.

Blayze: “Amanda… I am ready to tell you,
About Pandora and me.”

Amanda sighed and sat down with Blayze,
And Blayze spoke all freely.