A Rookie’s Arrival (W/S1/E1/I1)

Sweaty underneath his sort-of clean clothes,
Joshua Slayter sighed and let out his woes.
His fingers jittered on the wheel of his van,
Thanks to the contents of the now-empty can-
That clinked in the cupholder as he pulled into the lot,
For the Orlando Arena, where he’d finally get a shot.

The previous night was an emotional farewell,
As he left his old home for the WWL.
NGPW was a great place to work.
But it was nothing compared to WWL’s perks.
He’d be on TV. (Regionally at least.)
And he’d have enough money to eat like a beast.
All this played on his mind despite
The nine hours straight he’d driven overnight.
Caffeine would sustain him, or at least for now,
He’d shower, then nap. Then the crowds he’d wow.

Security let him through with no problem at all.
And he walked with his duffel bag down the long winding hall.
His mind was preoccupied as he took the place in.
It was impossible to hide his wide boyish grin.
And as his eyes for the locker room did search,
Someone bumped into him and made him lurch.

Woman: “Watch what you’re doing!” She said irritated.

Joshua: “I’m sorry!” Joshua said, “I should have waited.
Can you tell me where the men’s locker room is at?”

Woman: “Boy, what is under that baseball hat?!
Do you know who I am? Did you pay your respects?”

Josh thought for moment, his mind perplexed.
He almost didn’t recognize her because his eyes were bleary.
Then the thought of who she was. And the thought made him cheery.

Joshua: “Miss Supergirl herself, Jessica Valero!
I’m sorry. My mind feels like it’s jello.
I drove here straight from my last Indy event.
And I thought you were injured until present.”

Jessica smiled and shook Josh’s hand.

Jessica: “First time in the big leagues? Treasure it, man.
You might one day be great, but this will always be your first.
And if love nothing more to stay and converse.
But I have to attend a meeting down the hall.
The men’s locker room is just past that wall.”

Jessica pointed the way, And Joshua thanked her.
He thought about much. His mind was a blur.
Would this job work out and better his life?
Could he stand with mega stars, and put up a fight?

Screwed With (W/S1/E1/I2)

Into the locker room Joshua went
Every ounce of energy spent.
He found himself an empty locker,
And didn’t plan on being a talker.
On a bench, he laid himself down,
And his destination was sleepy town.
He put his hat over his face,
Showering definitely had a later place…

Josh was picked up by the lapels,
And slammed against a wall.
He stared up at a man who stood
About 6 foot 6 inches tall.
The dark skinned man glared at him,
As a voice from the periphery said:

Voice: “Your scrawny pencil neck
Is beyond all types of dead!”

Josh looked down and to the side,
And saw Lil’ Mack standing there,
A rapper who became famous in Atlanta.
His bodyguard was built like a bear.
That bodyguard, BJ Bass by name,
Had become Mack’s tag team brother.
The Atlantyx were how they were known.
And other teams they’d smothered.

Mack flashed his tag title,
And BJ shoved again.

Joshua: “Is this your locker here?
You could just ask like men.”

Mack: “You’d like that a lot, wouldn’t you, rookie?”

Just then Lil’ Mack trailed off.

Another presence made himself known
With just a little cough.
The Atlantyx threw Josh’s bag across the room,
And began to take their spot,
And The World Champion Warren Nickolson
Led Joshua Slayter off.

To the other side of the locker room,
Warren led Joshua with no words.
Joshua shook Warren’s hand, and thanked him.

Joshua: “They’d have chopped me in thirds.”

Warren: “Keep your nose clean, Bigdog.
This is The WWL.
Not NGPW anymore.
Still… I think you’ll do well.”

With that word of encouragement,
Warren headed away.
And Joshua collapsed on another bench,
To hopefully get some sleep this day.

Revenge (W/S1/E1/I3)

“Jessica! Come in!”

Came the voice of one Will Rothschild.
A slimy voice of smugness
With a hint of something wild.

Will: “Come in and sit down!
I have things to discuss.
Shut the door please.
No need to hear that ruckus.”

Jessica did so,
And sat down to see
What Will’s meeting was to be.
They’d never liked each other.
Though she wasn’t sure why.
Like he waited for opportunities
To watch her fry.

Will: “Well Jessica, you’re back from injury.
And I was told to give you a match.
However, it can’t be for the title yet.
We want to build up that catch.
But since you were so nice to my daughter last May,
And humiliated her in that ring,
I think I have the perfect match for you.
One that will make your heart sing.”

Will smiled as smugly as he possibly could.
But Jessica didn’t flinch.
She knew that somehow, when she returned,
She would be embarrassed and lynched.

William: “Tonight you will face The Tag Team Champions,
And The Women’s champ Keri Starr.
You may choose one partner for your own.But you won’t get very far.
The roster is very limited tonight,
And I’m afraid that it would be
Career suicide if someone teamed with you,
And went up against me.”

Jessica’s blood boiled in her veins,
She wanted knock him out.

Jessica: “Is that all?” She said with slight irritation,
“If so, I’ll just let myself out.”

Will simply smiled his slimy grin.
As Jessica put their talk to an end.
She left the room silently panicking.
Thinking: “I need to find a friend.”

The Big Dog’s Bark (W/S1/E1/I4)

Jessica roamed the halls
Talking to whoever she saw.
But no one was willing to cross
Will Rothschild’s power and awe.
So as Jessica went past catering
For the eleventh time,
The Atlantyx and Keri Starr decided
It was time to play with her mind.

Keri approached from catering,
Smiling as she walked.

Keri: “How we doing Supergirl?
How was Rothschild’s talk?”

Before she could even answer
Mack and BJ stepped up from behind.

Mack: “Girl, you’d be insane to fight us tonight!”

Jessica: “You guys are lame.
No spilling food on me, Keri?
Our are you afraid to see,
My title belt you’re wearing
Getting all gross and messy?”

Keri smiled and nodded.
Mack and BJ attacked.
They grabbed Jess’ arms at the wrists,
And held them behind her back.

Keri got right in Jess’ face,
And smiled until her cheeks hurt.

Keri: “You will never take this title from me, you silly little squirt.”

Keri ran her hands along her gold belt,
And Mack whispered in Jess’ ear,
Besides, you’ve got a lot more tonight,
Of which you should be in fear.

Jessica looked and saw some red
In her periphery.
Mack was yanked back by his nostrils,
And Jessica pulled free.
She saw the rookie she’d met earlier,
About to stand toe to toe,
With all six-foot-six of BJ Bass.
Then Keri Starr yelled,

Keri: “Whoa!
Save it for the ring neanderthals!”

Joshua: “You punks be glad I got a nap!
Jessica needs a partner tonight?
Guess what? I got her back!”

Promo Time (W/S1/E1/I5)

Jessica: “Okay, right, So Josh,
You’ve been wrestling for how long?”

Jessica skipped steps to keep up with Josh,
As he briskly walked along.

Joshua: “About two years now.
They trained me at 18.”

Jessica: “Would you slow down for two seconds?
Are you still hyped up on caffeine?
We need to get to know one another.
Develop some chemistry!
Look, this stairwell will be fine to talk in.
Please sit, and talk to me!”

Josh looked at his cellphone,
And then showed her the time.

Jessica: It takes two seconds to get to the promo set.
Please, just speak your mind.”

Jess say and motioned
For Joshua to sit.

Joshua: “I’ve only every really tagged,
With one guy before.
He and I weren’t always best friends,
And so it was a chore,
To hash anything out,
Like plans of strategy,
I’m used to fighting my end of the fight,
And whatever will be will be.”

Jessica: “Why did you say you’d help me out?
What’s in it for you?”

Joshua: “You’re the first of two people who’ve been kind to me,
And plus, it’s the right thing to do.”

Jessica: “Well thank you very much. That means a lot.
Now, are you a power type wrestler?
Tell me what you’ve got.”

Joshua: “I have some power,
And I can take a beating.
I tend to be scrappy
When I’m competing.
I don’t just find weaknesses,
I open then up.
I don’t know if that makes sense.”

Jessica: “No it does. You’re tough.
I can handle Keri. And Lil’ Mack.
But if BJ tags in,
You have to have my back.
I’ll start the match,
And do my best to last,
We’ll tire them out,
Then you’ll jump in fast.
Got it?”

Joshua: “Got it.”

Jessica: “Good. It’s promo time.
Let me say my piece to them,
Then just speak your mind.”

Wolfman Dan was the interviewer backstage.
He’d just finished interviewing Lil’ Mack and BJ Bass.
Then their opponents Jessica And Josh,
Made their way through to the set,
And they didn’t waste any time filming.
One take was all they’d get.

Wolfman Dan: “Wolfman Dan here backstage
With Jessica Valero.
Seems you found yourself a partner.
Who is this fine fellow?”

Jessica: “Dan, I’ll get back to him in a second,
I just want to say,
Thanks to William Rothschild,
For screwing up my day.
My first day back from injury
And he wants to retaliate
Against how I beat his pathetic daughter?
I say great! Just great!
But I’ll let my partner introduce himself.
He’s a rookie here.
But Atlantyx and Keri? I think you’ll find,
This guy will bring out your fear.”

All eyes and cameras trained
On Joshua Slayter’s face.
And every ear was listening
Within that studio space.
Wolfman Dan put the mic
Up to Josh’s mouth,
And what came next proved that Joshua
Was definitely from The South.

Joshua: “AWOOOOO! WWL!
The Bigdog is here!
Atlantyx and Keri Starr
You better watch your rears!
The Bigdog is comin’
And he’s gonna bite!
Be on your toes, gents,
Supergirl and I are ready to fight!
You guys might be gangsters,
But you act like hogs.
I may not be as big as you,
But I am one big dog.”

Joshua howled once again,
And they cut the interview there.
Jessica turned red in embarrassment,
The cheesiness she couldn’t bare.

Jessica: “Can we do another take?”

Wolfman Dan: “Sorry, Supes,
That one was live.
Good promo though.”

And he gave Josh a high five.