Prisoner (L/S1/E1/I7)

The Gryvian troop was brought aboard,
And handcuffed to a chair.
There wasn’t a shred of mercy,
In his evil stare.
But Amanda seemed unfazed by this,
And instead began to pace,
Back and forth in front of him,
With swagger, and with grace.

Amanda: “Well well well,
What do we have here?
A little soldier far from home?
What are you? A little sightseer?”

That Icy stare from the Gryvian troop,
Simply would not lift.
His countenance was one of stone.
His face it would not shift.

Amanda: “In any case, here’s the deal:
We will fix your ship.
You will go back to your home,
And no one will tell of this.
But in exchange, we copy your hard drives
And do what we will with that.

Suddenly the troop grew rigid,
And in Amanda’s face, spat.

Amanda closed her eyes at the spit,
And tried to regain her composure.
But she failed at this moment,
And her anger won her over.
James charged into the interrogation room,
And began to hold her back.

Amanda: “You’re mine you indecorous
Gryvian creep!”

James: “Amanda Canine, Get back!”

The Gryvian troop smiled at this.

Troop: “Oh, so HE’S your Daddy?”

James: “What is he talking about, Amanda?”

Amanda: “Please, he’s just being catty.”

James: “Whatever. It’s my job-
To extract information.
I’m good at puttin’ on the hurt.”

Amanda: “Just leave him alone for now.
No dinner or dessert.”

The two walked out, leaving the troop
Locked inside his cell.
Then a voice came from the ship’s AI,
The one simply named ‘Wendall.’

Wendall: “Amanda, ma’am, you have a call
From the username: “Coolidge.'”

Amanda: “Tell him that I’ll be right there.
I was dealing with someone foolish.”

A New Life For Lolly (H/S1/E4/I7)

The Following day Fort stretched his Back,
As best as his posture would allow.
His bonds held him helplessly slumped,
And fevered sweat traced his brow.
Even though the soggy old shack
Was cold and damp as ice,
His mouth was dry and thirsty-
Any liquid would suffice.

Still to his fevered surprise and closed eyes,
He tasted a clean soothing cup.
Unseens hands held it to his lips,
And he drank the hot water right up.
The steam from the liquid opened his eyes,
And he wasn’t surprised to see-
Lolly looking down on his suffering,
What did surprise him, was lack of glee.

Lolly: “I’m sorry for ‘ow I’ve acted toward you.
My life ‘as not been very good.
I know that isn’t a good excuse,
But I wish you understood.”

Fort cleared his throat and spoke to her

Fort: “How do you expect me to act-
When I’m stolen by pirates then stolen by you?
I am not some object to be sacked.
I’m a person, and what’s more, I’m a prince!
You will release me now!”

Lolly: “I wish you could understand why I can’t.”

Fort: “I wish you would tell me how.”

Lolly looked forlorn for a moment,
And stepped across to a porthole,
It was dirty and dingy and facing the sea,
Much like her aching soul.

Lolly: “This island was called Sabria once.
I’m sure you remember that name.”

Fort: “Sabria was destroyed by pirates from Fairwood.”

Lolly: “-Ten years to the day.
I was born here and raised by my Sabrian family.
There’s nothing that I could have done.
When the pirates came, ‘ell came with them,
In an hour their battle was won.
I was trafficked. They gambled for my life,
I bounced back and forth as a little girl,
Everything was full of strife.
Finally I got out of that trade-
When I was sold to a man,
He was a retired pirate,
And ‘e ‘ad a plan.

‘e retired from sailing the sea,
And ‘ad instead a small farm.
‘e took care of his farm hands and slaves,
And didn’t do them any ‘arm.
But, I simply had to escape,
So I killed ‘im and stole ‘is things,
I ran off to join a pirate crew,
And You know the whole “Lolly” thing.”

Fort: “So you’ve done all that you claim to hate.”

Lolly: “I did what I ‘ad to do!
That’s why you’re my only hope!
Fort, that’s why I need you!”

Fort paused with a disgusted look, then said

Fort : “What do you mean?”

Lolly: “I need my prince to save me from this life.
That is my ‘evil scheme.’”

Lolly paused and looked at Fort.
Sure stared into his eyes.

Lolly: “You are virtuous and true, Fort.
All I can tell are lies.
I want to ‘elp you return ‘ome,
I want to live with you.
I want to learn more about our songwriter,
And make my ‘ole life new.”

To Catch A Werewolf (O/S1/E1/I9)

Patty grabbed a cricket bat,
From off the wall at the pub.
Jayshawn grabbed himself one too,
To use as a sort of club.

The werewolf man was almost upon her,
Zoe trembled and backed away.
Now there was no time to wait for Cumina.
They had to fight this day.

Jayshawn said a little prayer,
Then they dashed out at the beast.
Patty swung at the beast’s knees,
And took him off his feet.

Zoe screamed and turned and ran.
The beast caught Jayshawn’s bat.
He splintered it within his grip,
And roared on top of that.

Jayshawn and Patty took a step or two back,
But Patty barked in his face.

Patty: “Back down, Ted! I know you’re in there!
Get back to the safe place!”

Ted’s roar turned to a guttural growl,
And Patty pushed forward toward him.

Patty: “Ted, I am NOT letting you do this.
Do you hear me?! Are you within?!”

Ted backed up into a corner,
His werewolf form unsure.
Patty reached out to touch him,
But he swatted at her more.
Then from atop a nearby wall,
In the alley they had led him to,
They heard a song in Gaelic sung
By a voice that was solemn and blue.

Jayshawn looked up and saw Zoe,
Or Ziona as she said her name was.
She was singing to the beast below.
And he whined and raked his claws,
Against the brick of the wall that separated
Him from his pale white prey,
But Ted Hallet in werewolf form,
Would not get her this day.

An arrow from Cumina’s bow,
Flew down the alley and hit,
Ted’s backside, and penetrated deep,
And the beast began to quit.

Ted turned back into a man,
Naked in that alleyway.
Patty pulled the arrow right out.

Jayshawn: “Are you sure that that’s the way-”

Patty: “He still has healing powers going,
Up to an hour after he’s changed.
If I left that arrow in his rear,
His seat he’d need to rearrange.”

Jayshawn: “That still doesn’t really explain,
How he fell asleep like that.”

Cumina came down the alleyway,
Swaggering like a cat.

Patty: “You sure waited long enough.”

Cumina: “I had to find my bow!
It’s very seldom I get to use it now,
Come on, pick him up and let’s go!”

Jayshawn: “I don’t like this guys,
What if his sleepyness is a trick?”

Cumina: “It isn’t, numbskull, I did it.
The secret’s in my spit.”

Jayshawn: “Say what!?” Jayshawn exclaimed in shock,
Are you telling me you’ve got venom!?”

Cumina: “It won’t kill you, but it’ll make you sleep,

Patty: “We need to get him some denim.”

Jayshawn turned and looked up the wall,
Zoe was still standing there.
She smiled and quietly stared at them all,
Her gratitude expressed with a glare.

Jayshawn: “Why don’t you come and join us, Zo?
Maybe it’s time you had some fun.”

Patty: “Aye, I’ll treat you all to a pint.”

Zoe: “A pint? Let me show you how it’s done.”

They all laughed and Zoe climbed down the wall,
And they all went to get Ted’s clothes,
And soon enough, they ended up at The Handsome Hog,
To celebrate and drown their woes.

Offers (W/S1/E1/I7)

Once backstage, Jessica Valero
Excitedly hugged Josh Slayter.

Jessica: “That was insane! Exceptional!
You must be on to something greater!”

She winced and touched her tender ribs,
Gauging her internal pain.

Joshua: “Thanks I guess.
I just did my job.”

Jessica: “Once again,
That was insane!
Do you realize the magnitude of what you just did?
You made a champion tap out!
He had two other champions on the team against you!
Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

Jessica walked with Joshua all the way back,
To the locker room door,
And she made him an offer when they got there,
That might’ve left jaws on the floor.

Jessica: “You know, I’m full time as a wrestler,
But while I’m here I might as well,
Manage you from ringside.
You interested? Bigdog?
You rant your career to swell?!”

Joshua: “I’m not a huge fan of managers,
And I’m crashing again off the caffeine…”

Jessica: “Okay cool. We’ll table it for now. Wednesday we’ll plan our schemes.
I know this really cool place in Birmingham,
Near where the house show is.
We’ll meet there, it’ll be my treat,
And we’ll talk about the biz.”

Joshua agreed with a nod,
And headed into the room.
Jessica was giddy like a school girl.
She’d have a protege soon!