Daily Journal #2 – “In A Church”

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2017)

Alright! Day two, I’m on a roll! lol, I’m on the road working again today, listening to one of my favorite movies of all time. School of Rock. It’s always been an endless supply of inspiration for me. It’s so full of heart, and laughs, it’s my favorite comedy of all time. The story of a guy who’s so focused on his art, and no one else cares. Then he goes to a place where he see’s art is being crushed by legalism, and he liberates them in a footloosey manner, all the while being appropriately creepy because the people he’s teaching are kids, and their parents don’t know what he’s teaching them! It’s just such a fun and cool story.

I had a dream once that featured the main battle of the bands song. And it came at a time that I was very worried about everything. I was overloaded by work, football, and our family business. Then I had a dream where I was in a hotel with a bunch of other kids. This old hotel was run by an old black man named Wendall. Mr. Wendall had a basement we weren’t supposed to go, but someone did, and it released a bunch of demons. The demons chased us further and further up into the hotel, and we’d seal ourselves off on the next floor but they’d burn through. Then we get to the final floor, and Mr. Wendall says he has to take care of it. He leaves us with a walkie talkie to contact him, and he goes down to fight the demons. I wait and wait and don’t hear anything. I cry out to him on the walkie talkie, begging him to let me know that he’s still there. And then I hear, The song from The School of Rock faintly reminding me…

“Baby we was making straight A’s
But we was stuck in a dumb daze
Don’t take much to memorize your lies
I feel like I’ve been a hypnotized”

And it reminded me immediately that Jesus has taken care of all my demons. He’s always taking care of me and I have nothing to worry about but being the best Joshua I can, and loving and magnifying him. 🙂


Anyway, here’s my writing for the day from The World Of Otherworld

5 – In A Church

Distorted with the darkness,
The demon moved down the streets,
Slithering through alleyways,
And under people’s feet.
It looked for places it might cause mayhem,
As well as places to hide-
From the one who sought to bring it’s end,
Even though she was the one who gave it life.

He saw a large Church on the right
And slithered through the closing door.
Patty rounded a corner and saw it enter.
Sweat flooded her pores.
She hyperventilated,
And followed the beast inside.
She saw it slither under the pews,
And fear continued to scream inside.

As she followed it further in,
It turned into a side room,
And a Priest stopped Patty in her tracks,

Priest: “Why run? What is your doom?
Is there something you need to confess,
My hurried, weary child?”

Patty: “I do, father. But I’m Protestant.
And my doom is something quite wild!”

Just then out of the corner of her eye,
She saw the snake-demon leave
Through an open side window,
And she turned around with speed.
She exited the Church,
As quickly as she came.

Patty: “If I don’t stop this thing very soon,
I fear I’ll go insane.”


This was a fun bit of action to write. I’ve always wanted to make a joke in a story like the protestant one here. IDK why, I just think it’s funny. lol

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See you tomorrow!

Joshua David Ling
Joshua David Ling is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for adventurous and heart-warming stories. His style has been called a combination of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen. He has written hundreds of rhyming stories and serials since he began his publishing company, Rhyme And Space in 2014. And he has been involved with public speaking, entertainment, and storytelling since 2001 at the age of 11. Growing up in Alpharetta, GA, Joshua was homeschooled by his mother and father, and helped homeschool his 4 siblings. He currently resides in Augusta, GA, with his wife Kay Cee and Daughter Hazel, where he maintains a rigorous writing schedule, social media presence, and partnership with Fellowship And Fairydust blog and magazine. Joshua is available for: Performances and Public Speaking, Freelance writing, Freelance Graphics and Media, and more.

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