Daily Journal #22 “A Tense Reunion”

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2017)

I’m on the road again today working medical transport. I’ve really enjoyed it today for some reason. I’m not really sure why… Maybe I’m just weird. :p

I’m still working on ideas for doing my daily journal entries. I’ve been playing around with text to speech too. I’ve found some good voices and good ways to make videos, but I want them to be good enough to warrant making, and easy enough to make every day so It’s a struggle to gain the balance.

Speaking of balance, how about that Star Wars trailer, huh? (I’ll leave you with that. lol I don’t want to spoil for anyone.)

Here is what I wrote today from The World of Harmadonia.

2 – A Tense Reunion

Once the pirates were out of view,
Windy ran to Fort.
She hugged him close and he stroked her hair.

Fort: “Who is your escort?”

Windy: “This is The Quill.” Windy explained.
“She helped me escape and find you.
Are you alright? Are you hurt?
What damage did you accrue?”

Fort coughed out a little laugh.
Fort: “I’m beaten, but I’m fine.
I’m ready to get on to Ka’Lanner.”

Windy: “I don’t know if now’s the time.”

Windy nodded over her shoulder,
To The Quill and Lolly staring-
At one another intensely
Obviously thinking about airing
Some old disputes the two had
With one another’s being.
Quill approached Lolly with caution,
Then in both of them there came a feeling.
For Lolly a look of ashamedness
Washed across her face.
Quill tore off her mask and her tears
Littered the beach in that place.

The look of ashamedness in Lolly’s eyes
Quickly turned to a look of dismay.
Trepidation gripped Lolly’s brain
As she looked away.
Quill clung Lolly close to her body,
And tears rolled free as air.
Fort and Windy looked at each other,
And knew there was a story there.

Windy: “Perhaps we should get back to the hideout, Quill.
Then we can have some tea,
Tend to the wounded and then hear the story
Of what you two used to be?”

The Quill collected herself for a moment,
Just enough to nod a reply.
The four began to walk back to her hideout,
As Quill continued to cry.

Just wait yo… This gon’ be good. I promise. 🙂

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