Daily Journal #24 “Mega-Trapped”

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2017)

Nothing like being home and seeing your wife, and all your pets sound asleep in the late morning, soaking up the healing exhaust-relief of sleep. 🙂 Knowing that they’re cared for not only by me, but by our good Father in heaven.

I’m helping today with a stretcher assist (Just a couple hours worth of work,) But other than that, I’m off. I’ve gotten a lot of hours this week, and I’m excited for a good check to come.

For every so often within the chaos of life, you have to take a second to appreciate the calm.

This is what I wrote today from The World of Laktia (Sci-Fi)

5 – Mega-Trapped

They try to run

Amanda’s eyes widened,
And her knees turned to jelly.
She buckled and fell to the floor.

James: “Come on, this is silly!
We can take them in a fight!”

Dex: “No man. We can’t.
Didn’t you hear who’s caught us?”

Pandora began to pant.

Blayze: “That’s Amanda’s father who’s caught us.”

Amanda: “We have to freaking run.”

Blayze grabbed Pandora and lifted her on his back.
James: “Oh come on, that’s no fun!”

James picked up Amanda,
Who was shaking with paralyzing fear,
And the three of them ran to the window they’d entered,
While kicking it into high gear.
But by the time they arrived,
Twelve Rangers stood in their way,
Along with their leader, Jarvis Canine.

Jarvis: “I’m afraid I have to bar your gateway.”

I’m hoping to make the reader feel as trapped as the characters are. Not sure if I’m succeeding. Sometimes it’s hard to write a certain type of fearful negative emotion for me. I don’t really know why…

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