Daily Journal #3 – “Getting Inside”

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Today I’m at the Columbia County Library in Evans GA… It is bizonkers!! It has 2 floors, and TONS of media! I’m tucked away in a little corner underneath the stairwell and have my macbook plugged in and earbuds in. There’s also a giant window wall next to me that looks out upon an amazing lawn and a small playground nearby. I love working in public spaces. There’s something that I really cherish about being around people when I’m writing. Obviously, I can’t pay attention to them AND write but there’s something about just feeling like you’re not alone.

I’m an extrovert, and we tend to feel alone quite often. Probably a lot more than most. It seems the more extroverted you are, the more you need people to pay attention to you, and the more you get on peoples’ nerves. That’s been my biggest social challenge since I was little. Being my big and loud self, but subduing it enough to where people can actually take it all in and not be overwhelmed.

My nickname since 11 years old has been “Big Dog.” and I think it’s one that fits. Not just because I’m 5’11” and 260 pounds, but because I’m truly like a big St. Bernard puppy wagging his tail and wanting to show you all the amazing things I’ve found.

There’s a trend toward introverts being “cool” and more introverts talking about their issues, but I submit that the social awkwardnesses of extroverts are just as strange, uncomfortable, and interesting as the introvert.

Here is what I wrote today from The World Of Laktia.

2 – Getting Inside

The crew Breaks in to work on the internal network downgrade for the museum.

Screech went the glass cutter in Amanda’s hands,
As the crew waited off to the side.

James: “You’d think they’d be able to afford digital glass.”

Dex: “Out here in the boonies? Yeah right!”

Amanda: “Would you two jabber-jaws quit yapping your traps?
I’m trying to make this job quick!”

Blayze: “It’s crazy that they couldn’t just let us in to do it.”

Amanda: “I said be quiet, you twits!”

Blayze pondered the strange situation,
He’d seen it many times before.
A local government building forced to upgrade-
With no infrastructure to support-
The hardware-software gap that existed
With outdated equipment and tech,
And so locals had to downgrade their systems
Just to keep order in check.
Yet they had to hire people like him illegally
To complete the task.
And so they had to do it off record and books.
In the darkness they had to attack.

Amanda: “Got it!”

Amanda announced quietly,
And the five of them crawled inside.
Pandora: “I’ve got a funny feeling about this.”

Pandora’s eye begin to twitch on the side.

Amanda: “Everyone stop chatting!
We have to hit this with speed.
Look on your screens for more instruction.
You’ll find everything you need.
Go and get this job done,
And it’ll be a cake-walk.
But continue with the social call
And We’ll be having a jail-talk.”

I’ve always loved the idea of outdated technology becoming illegal. With the ever-growing ever-connected world we live in posing more and more substantial security risks, is it right to outlaw outdated equipment and software? I, of course, would say no. Beta-Max and mini-discs will one day save us from the zombies!!! But seriously, we as Christians should have the freedom to do with our possessions what we want, (Within Biblical law) no matter what any governing body says. If you put all your social security numbers on a commodore 64 and somehow connect it to the internet, don’t be surprised when you don’t have those numbers secure. (Though, come to think of it, is a commodore even more safe?? IDK, I don’t care.)

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See you tomorrow!

Joshua David Ling
Joshua David Ling is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for adventurous and heart-warming stories. His style has been called a combination of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen. He has written hundreds of rhyming stories and serials since he began his publishing company, Rhyme And Space in 2014. And he has been involved with public speaking, entertainment, and storytelling since 2001 at the age of 11. Growing up in Alpharetta, GA, Joshua was homeschooled by his mother and father, and helped homeschool his 4 siblings. He currently resides in Augusta, GA, with his wife Kay Cee and Daughter Hazel, where he maintains a rigorous writing schedule, social media presence, and partnership with Fellowship And Fairydust blog and magazine. Joshua is available for: Performances and Public Speaking, Freelance writing, Freelance Graphics and Media, and more.

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