Daily Journal #5 – “A True Story”

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2017)

Lately, I’ve been hitting a stride in frugality and creativity. When I combine the two, I make some crazy things happen. This is a bit technical, but this morning, I found out how to send audio from a microphone, to my phone, through bluetooth, and have music playing at the same time from the same phone, on the other end with a bluetooth speaker. There’s a bit of lag and delay that I’m looking to nix, but all in all, it’s a pretty great setup for busking/storytelling/performing. I’m making a headset mic currently out of an old baseball belt, paper clips, cable ties, and a cheap lavalier microphone. I’m hoping to be able to plug this into my phone and send the audio either through bluetooth, or RF to a speaker. That way, I can have a speaker nearby to amplify my voice and provide an option for music. So yeah, I’m geeking out and being inventor-y. lol

This is what I wrote today from my upcoming re-write of Thumbelina.

1 – A True Story

Once Upon a Time
Long, long ago,
There lived a funny old man
In a small town called Window.
It seemed a quaint little town.
In fact, it seemed a bore.
But not to that funny, rascally old man.
His name was Winston Moore.

Winston used to run a farm.
Until his back got broke.
Now he wandered around town
Telling stories and jokes.
People in Window loved Winston,
He always engaged their minds.
And in turn they paid him for his craft,
And for his valuable time.

One day the many children in town,
Gathered right after school,
To witness the rascally, whispy-haired man
Spin a yarn or two.
They gathered around the town’s only well,
And soon they began to beg.

Children: “Tell us a tale, Mr. Moore!”

Mr. Moore: “Did I tell you the one about the pig?”

Children: “Yes!”
They all said exasperatedly.

Mr. Moore: “How ‘bout the one
About the bottle and the sea?”

Children: “Yes!”
They cried in anticipation’s wake.

Individual Child: “Tell us a true story!”

Mr. Moore: “I know a true one that’s great!
Hold onto your little hats!
This tale might blow you away!
For it happened to me and my wife
Twenty years ago to the day!”

This was a fun little bookend intro to what I’m hoping to be an epic 50 issue/poem story that really fleshes out the original Hans Christian Andersen tale. I’m very excited to begin writing this as I’ve been planning it for a long time. Stay tuned to Saturdays for updates!

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