Daily Journal #6 – “See Amid The Winter’s Snow”

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2017)

For Sabbath days (Sundays) I’ll be taking a break from my conventional writings and instead writing a more typical blog post in the evening. I kind of just want this to be where I touch on the sermon I heard today, what Worship was like, maybe some theological ramblings, etc.

Today was wonderful with the Saints at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Every time I’m on my way to The House of The Lord, I really truly feel like I’ve reached a finish line. And when I leave, I feel as though I’ve begun the race anew, and fully refreshed.

This evening, Pastor Mark was preaching on The Sermon on the Mount, and he will be going through it over the next several Sunday evenings with us. I’m looking forward to this immensely.

Tonight when we did our customary “pick-a-hymn” for the evening service, I asked for “See Amid The Winter’s Snow. Here’s the words…

See amid the winter’s snow,
Born for us on earth below,
See, the gentle Lamb appears,
Promised from eternal years.


Hail that ever blessèd morn,
Hail redemption’s happy dawn,
Sing through all Jerusalem:
Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Lo, within a manger lies
He Who built the starry skies;
He Who, thronèd in height sublime,
Sits amid the cherubim.


Say, you holy shepherds, say,
Tell your joyful news today.
Why have you now left your sheep
On the lonely mountain steep?


“As we watched at dead of night,
Lo, we saw a wondrous light;
Angels singing ‘Peace on earth’
Told us of the Savior’s birth.”


Sacred Infant, all divine,
What a tender love was Thine,
Thus to come from highest bliss
Down to such a world as this.


Teach, O teach us, holy Child,
By Thy face so meek and mild,
Teach us to resemble Thee,
In Thy sweet humility.


Many people who read/sing this song, tend to get caught up in the fact that Jesus PROBABLY was not “amid the winter’s snow” when he was born, due to the fact that he was probably born in the springtime considering the Shepherds working outside in the fields, and that Bethlehem isn’t exactly Snow-town climate-wise. I tend to approach this in one of two ways.

For the overly literal, I usually just change the first line to “See the one who’s told of old.” This creates a partial rhyme with the word ‘below’ on the next line but it definitely signifies what the Bible says in a literal and truthful way.

The second option is for people who are more artistically minded. Because in Scripture, there are many allusions to Jesus as our “Spring.” he is the renewal after the great winter. For those who have read The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, you know this theme VERY well. And so when Jesus came it was (metaphorically) “Amid The Winter’s Snow” in the sense that he came to end Winter (Sin, death, evil,) and bring forth Spring (Death turning to life.)

Thank you all for reading. I hope this blessed you.

Joshua David Ling
Joshua David Ling is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for adventurous and heart-warming stories. His style has been called a combination of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen. He has written hundreds of rhyming stories and serials since he began his publishing company, Rhyme And Space in 2014. And he has been involved with public speaking, entertainment, and storytelling since 2001 at the age of 11. Growing up in Alpharetta, GA, Joshua was homeschooled by his mother and father, and helped homeschool his 4 siblings. He currently resides in Augusta, GA, with his wife Kay Cee and Daughter Hazel, where he maintains a rigorous writing schedule, social media presence, and partnership with Fellowship And Fairydust blog and magazine. Joshua is available for: Performances and Public Speaking, Freelance writing, Freelance Graphics and Media, and more.

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