Journal Entry #28 “Pirates’ Day”

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This is what I wrote today from The World of Harmadonia (Fantasy)

3 – Pirates’ Day

Quill: “My name is not Quill. It is Nema.”

The older sister began to explain
After they got back, and settled down for tea,
And after it began to rain.
Nema looked out the window with forlorn eyes.
Remembering the tale she must tell.

Nema: “Neither is my sister’s name accurate.
She has another name as well.”

Windy: “Mobi? If I heard correctly?”

Lolly fidgeted and sighed.

Nema: “Mobi is her given name, yes.
Though I’m not sure it’s the one she has inside…
Our family’s name is Loria.
We grew up in Literi.
Our parents’ names were Ahab and Jane.
And we were happy and free.”

Just then the power of the story
Began to take it’s form.
Unheard music began to play
As the rain turned into a storm.
Nema stoked the fire more-
As she began her tale,
Which I will recount in my own words now
Of the sisters whose stories dovetail.

Back home in Literi,
The Lorias did quite well.
They had a mansion in the country
Out near Dinmarc’s Swell.
The sisters’ childhood was very happy.
They had everything they desired.
Yet there was only one thing between them.
Mobi’s jealous fire.

Ahab and Jane loved their oldest.
Nema they favored more.
Nema excelled at all she put her hands to,
She had talents galore!
Archery and horseback riding
Captured her father’s heart,
And her lovely singing and music ability,
Enraptured their mother from the start.

Mobi lived in the shadow of Nema,
Always coming in second place.
She grew bitter in her deepest heart
But she would not let it escape.
That is, until the trip to Sabria
When Mobi was six years old.
This trip would forever change their lives,
It would make Mobi tricky, and make Nema bold.

Literi was the capital of Wyria,
A free and wonderful nation.
Wyria’s continent had an island cousin,
Sabria was its designation.
Sabria was the best vacationing-
Spot for anyone to go.
Its beautiful beaches were legendary.
Soft and white as snow.

So when the time came for a holiday
The Loria’s then did head
Out to see this beautiful island,
But all they received was dread.
For upon the day that they arrived,
So did a record-size pirate fleet
And within an hour of their attack,
Sabria met her defeat.
“Pirate’s Day” It now was called.
And Pirates love it best.
For that’s the day the once wonderful Sabria
Became The Pirate’s Nest.

And on the day when the attack commenced,
The Loria’s got up and fled-
Underground by the guidance of Nema-
Into the sewers they sped.

Nema: “This place is safe.” Nema said,
Staring at her family’s scared faces.
“They’ll never look this far below.
They won’t know of these places.”

Their family huddled and listened in horror
At all the chaos ringing above.
Nema’s jaw grew tighter and tighter.
And she slipped on her archery gloves.

Jane: “No! Nema! This isn’t your battle!”

Nema: “Somebody must help them fight!”

Ahab: “She’s right, Jane. I’ll take care of you and Mobi.
Sabria need’s Nema’s might.”

And so Nema went up to the surface
To fight alongside Sabrian Soldiers.
But inside that little tunnel in the sewer,
The Loria’s fears grew bolder.

With every consecutive swell-
Of the Pirates’ onslaught,
The more they shook in the filthy water,
And the more cold they got.

Then they heard voices,
And saw shadows down the tunnel.

Pirate 1: “They’ll be more hiding down here!
Let’s give them a taste of how we like to pummel!”

The Lorias moved to the darkest place-
They could find to hide,
But the cold had set in on poor, young, Mobi
And a sneeze came up that she tried-
To hold back as best as she could,
But it echoed down the hall.
Then the pirates pounced on her parents,
And began to slay them all.

Mobi was knocked against a wall,
And was thought to be left for dead.
She woke up moments after the pirates had gone,
And dragged herself towards her dread.
She looked across the hall.
Her mother had passed, broken beyond belief.
But she heard her father cough,
And tried to stand in her grief.

Pain in her leg caused her to stumble,
And she fell atop her Dad-

Ahab: “Where is Nema? She will save us.”

Then Mobi went mad.
Where was her sister when she needed her most?
Where was she to help them now?
Then her father closed his eyes,
And passed away within that slough-

Mobi stayed as long as she could
Under the former Sabria,
But she couldn’t last on no food or water,
And definitely not without her father-
Her Mother, her sister, or friends,
And so she went to the surface,
To face her end.

But the pirates did not kill her,
No. They took her away-
To be sold as a slave at auction
On another day.

And so that tragic and fateful day
Has been told in full,
But it is not the end of the tale,
More tragedy has yet to insue.

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