Journal Entry #29 “TalkType Keyboard”

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

All Alright, everyone. This is my first time writing with a new voice text keyboard on my phone. I’m working on this blog entry using a new keyboard called called TalkType I’m using it for dictation of my stories. I’ll dictate the stories and edit those files later on for ease of use and easy storytelling. I can figure out the lines and rhymes as I go and heavily edit them before posting.

There are a lot of tools in my arsenal that I am trying to use more often and become even more efficient with my writing. This one actually does auto punctuation and that saves me a lot of headaches.

Here’s a little test poem:

Tell me a story if you will.
Give me a hope or give me a thrill.
It costs you nothing to tell that tale.
To tell me a story, and do not fail.

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