Journal Entry #31 “Hissy Fit”

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

Today I’m doing a long trip for my job to Atlanta. This affords me a good bit of downtime and I decided to take that time and use it to get caught up on some of my other writing projects including a rhyming essay I’m writing on theology. (Most specifically, Providence from God’s point of view.)

My wife Kay Cee and I are also working on packing up and heading up to the Bristol Tennessee area to see family. I’ve never met them before but I’m very excited about it based on my limited long-distance interaction with them. There’s also lots of mountains and nature, and I plan on filming my part of the Patreon video I’m producing for

This is what I wrote today from The World of Wrestling

7 – Hissy Fit

Moments before Joshua saw,
Jessica in the hallway,
Elissa Kwan had approached,
In a confrontational way.

Elissa: “I lost too, you big baby.
What are you pouting about?
Sometimes you do your best and don’t win.
Sometimes you go without-
The W in your win bracket.
Or the title around your waist.”

Jessica: “Stop it now. I don’t want to talk.”

Elissa: “You’re right. This was a waste.”

Jessica: “You know what? Fight me!
If you’re so mad-
I’ll tear you limb from limb!”

Elissa: “Please. You’re just sad.”

Jessica stepped forward
And nearly threw her fist.
But Joshua stepped in
Just like this

Joshua: “Whoa! Jessica! Calm down a sec!”

Elissa shook her head and wandered off.

Joshua: “Why are you picking fights with Elissa?
Let’s sit down and talk.”

Jessica: “I want to go now. Pull the car around.”

She handed him the keys.

Joshua: “What has gotten into you, Why are you-”

Jessica: “Acting like this? Please!
Did you see my match or not?”

Joshua: “I was getting ready, geez.”

Jessica: “Just pull the car around so we can get
Back to our crappy hotel.”

Joshua shook his head and did as she asked.
Even though he felt like hell.

I honestly love how petty Jessica can get when she’s upset and out of control. It’s kind of humorous. Jessica and Joshua have a lot to navigate through this difficult relationship, working together, the age difference, the fact that he’s at the beginning of his career and she’s nearing her end… There’s a lot to deal with.

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