Journal Entry #32 “Mobi’s Story Part 1”

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

Today I’m on the road working again. I’ve been very thankful to God for my hours at work. It’s been hard, but I’ve been able to stay busy with both work and writing. I have several projects going on that I can’t talk to you all about yet, but let’s jut say God is doing wonders in the life of my family and friends. 🙂

Here is what I wrote today from The World of Harmadonia. (Fantasy)

4 – Mobi’s Story Part 1

Once dragged away by those dreaded pirates,
Mobi was sold as a slave.
One of the older pirates bought her-
Thinking she’d learn to behave.
The pirate in question had suffered,
A mighty intense loss.
He had lost both of his legs,
And his name was Rusty Ross.

Rusty Ross needed to retire,
So he did so with Mobi in mind-
To be his slave who would care for him-
And help his life unwind.

Mobi cared for a small farm,
In Rusty Ross’s name.
Far on the Southern slope of Sabria,
With it’s new Pirates’ Nest name.
She cared for pigs and a few crops,
And she cooked and fed him meals,
All of which she had to eat first,
To prove she wasn’t feeding him poison eels.

Nearly eleven months in captivity-
Mobi began to stew.
Rusty wasn’t the worst of captors,
But in her heart she knew-
All pirates were rotten.
Rotten to the core.
So she worked out a plan to escape
And leave that dreaded shore.

Rusty had some walls erected
Around his property,
With spikes adorning the crest of the fence,
So anyone could see-
That if they attempted to get in or out,
Without his special key-
They would be sorry for their mistake,
And be wounded fatally.

But the one flaw in Rusty’s plan,
Came in the form of a tree.
A thick and tall Bija Palm,
Which shaded his home near the sea.
It loomed over his thatched-roof hut
And caused it to stay quite cool.
Mobi didn’t have an axe,
But she had the gall to do-
What she had concocted in her mind.

She took cooking knives that Rusty allowed her,
And every night snuck out,
To saw a little more of that Bija Palm,
Knowing that the fallout
Would result in the sleeping pirate’s death,
And one day, The palm did fall.
Her heart sank realizing the thing she’d done.
And remorse crept into the walls-
Of Mobi’s heart, yet she pressed on,
For the tree had destroyed the wall too,
And she left Rusty Ross and his pirate farm,
To go find something new.

I continue to be super invested in Harmadonia lately. This world I’ve come up with continues to shock and astound me as the characters grow and shift. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as me, if so, leave me a comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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