Journal Entry #35 “Foggy Heads”

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2017)

Stranger Things!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! It’s here! 🙂 Kay Cee’s been having insomnia anyway, but we got up really early to watch Stranger Things 2 and eat our eggo breakfast. It’s been really cool and special. We’ve only finished the first episode, but I’m even more excited after finishing it.

We both have an off day and we have big list of things to do and accomplish together, so we won’t be binging it, and I won’t be giving any spoilers. But yes. We’re really enjoying it. 🙂

This is what I wrote today from The World of Wrestling

8 – Foggy Heads

Jessica: “I just want this nightmare to end!
I need to get back on top!”
Jessica powered through a right turn,
And didn’t even bother to stop.

Joshua: “What are you doing? You keep driving in circles.”

Jessica: “And it’s not even like-
Kytt is even a good wrestler!”

Joshua: “Jess, we have to go home tonight.
We have to… What was I saying?”
Joshua’s eyes began to flutter.

Jessica: “What are you going on about?
Did you hear me? Did I stutter?”

Joshua gritted his teeth,
And then he squinted his eyes.
And looked in pain as though,
A migraine was on the rise.

Jessica: “You’re crashing badly aren’t you?
You’re on those energy drinks again?
Look, we’re going back to the hotel.”

Then Jessica turned onto the main-
Street she needed to,
To take them back to their suite.

Jessica: “Just relax tonight. You had a great match
And you need to get some sleep.”

A few moments later,
They arrived back,
Joshua got out of the car,
But Jessica did lack-
The interest in following him inside.

Joshua: “Jessica, you need sleep too-
We need to get to bed tonight.”

Jessica: “I’m just going to drive around.
I need to clear my head.”

Jessica pulled off angrily,
And left Joshua on curb-
Joshua shaking his head,
Thinking she was acting absurd.
He wondered if she was acting like this-
Was anything really sure?
Then he whispered out loud

Joshua: “What’s gotten into her?”

Jessica’s being a little meany-pants, huh?… IDK about you, but I can’t see her little “clearing head trip” ending well… Can you?

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