Journal Entry #37 – Mobi’s Story Part 2

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2017)

On the road again today. Things have been incredibly busy at work. Here’s a picture of my “Magician” outfit I threw together at the last moment for Halloween, or as I like to call it, Heroween.

5 – Mobi’s Story Part 2

Mobi snuck around a corner,
Down near town’s main docks.
She looked like a young boy in the clothes she took.
And she tugged at one of her socks.
She had stolen them a few days later,
From Rusty Ross’ shack-
When she realized she’d need a disguise
So she had headed back.

But now she slithered around downtown,
Collecting the things she’d need.
To take up a job on a pirate ship,
She’d need a few things to succeed.
Her own pistol, and ammunition for one,
And a long knife she strapped by her side.
Now she was ready to sail the sea,
And in that fact, she took pride.

She found a ship ready to go
On the longest voyage at hand.
She walked up to the man conscripting pirates,
And she offered him his hand.
Lowering her voice just a touch,
In a practiced, and methodical way,
She said: “My name is Ahab Ross, sir.
And I’m ready to get underway.”

For 6 months after she got on the ship,
And years after working Rusty’s Farm,
Mobi sought a grand adventure,
Instead of being safe and warm.

She saw horrible raids and took part in them,
Pillaging and plundering as she went.
But the Ahab Ross name was soon replaced,
For the way her days she spent.

“You Lollygagger!” The Pirates would yell
Every time she’d fall asleep at her post.
So Lolly became her nickname,
But it wasn’t the name she hated the most.

All was well, (Or so she thought)
Until that fateful day came,
When the pirates found out her gender, and threw her in the brig.
And this brought her unwelcome fame.
A messenger gull was sent,
To find one of the pirate chiefs,
Who could deal with her justly and swiftly,
According to the Code of Pirates and Thieves.

A day or two later, Tragic arrived,
And a day after that was when she met-
Fortinato and Windy Bog,
And this brings a close to our set
Of stories regarding Mobi’s life,
And she came to be known,
As Lolly, the misfit pirate-girl,
And her struggles when she was alone.

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