Journal Entry 38 “Kindness” – “Be With You (#Datpostmil Remix)”

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

I’m on a long distance trip today for my job to Atlanta. I love coming back near my old stomping grounds and just seeing familiar sites. The past few days have been pretty nuts with just work and life taking over much of my writing time. I’m praying God uses this time however he pleases, and I hope this double-feature of writing sees you well.

Here’s what I wrote today from Rhyming Thumbelina

2 – Kindness

Once Upon another time,
Longer ago before our first,
There lived far out in the country,
A young farming couple with a thirst-
For children, though for many years
They tried but couldn’t bear.
It seemed a longing for their seed-
God did not entirely share.

Still the couple prayed and prayed,
And never gave up hope.
They never despaired while doing their work,
No matter how hard it was to cope.
And as you’ll see as this story moves on,
Even when you’re feeling rejected,
God can move in mysterious ways,
That you never would have expected.

One fateful day there was a knock at the door
Just around supper time.
Another farmer was at the door,
And his health appeared on the decline.

Young Farmer: “What can I do for you?”

The young farmer asked,
Confused at the sudden visit,

Old Farmer: “My crop has been very bad this year,
I was trying to see if it-
Would be worth a crust of bread,
Or a bean or two,
If I was to trade you these flower seeds.”

The old farmer looked down at his shoes.

Though the young couple did not have much food,
They traded with the poor man.
And they planted the flowers to bring color in their lives,
And that’s where our story began.

There’s something special when I write fairy tales in rhyme.
I’m able to really press on the emotional and moral moments of the story a bit more than I usually do when I write other stories.

Here’s what I wrote/edited from a popular Rich Mullins song: ‘Be With You.’

Everybody each and all
We’re gonna die eventually
It’s no more or less our faults
Than it is our destiny
So now Lord I come to you
Asking only for Your grace
You know what I’ve put myself through
All those empty dreams I chased

And when my body lies in the ruins
Of the lies that nearly ruined me
Will You pick up the pieces
That were pure and true
And breathe Your life into them
And set them free?
And when this new world you’re forming
Has finally hatched,
Will You make me anew
Out of the stuff that lasts?
Stuff that’s purer than gold is
And clearer than glass could ever be
Can I be with You?
Can I be with You?

And everybody all and each
From the day that we are born
We have to learn to walk beneath
Those mercies by which we’re drawn
And now we wrestle in the dark
With these angels that we can’t see
We will move on although with scars
Oh Lord, move inside of me

And when my body lies in the ruins
Of the lies that nearly runied me
Will You pick up the pieces
That were pure and true
And breathe Your life into them
And set them free?
And when Your City on a hill shines
Without the sun
When those jagged-edged sins
I loved are gone
When every eye is tearless
Every battle is done
And there’s finally true peace
Can I be with you?
Can I be with you?

I’ve always loved this song, but since my eschatology is Postmillennial, I thought it would be best for my conscience’s sake to re-write the dispensational premil parts in the way I view the Bible’s words for the end of this world.

I hope it blessed you.

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