A Sweet Gig (L/S1/E5/I1)

Amanda sat by the com device.
She knew he’d call any second.
But her bored and tired demeanor
Showed it was taking longer than she reckoned.
Finally the ringtone sounded
And she answered it lightning fast.

Amanda: “This is Amanda.” She announced with a smile

Voice: “Thank goodness I reached you at last!
Our mainframe was upgraded recently to industry museum standards.
But being way out on the outer rim,
It’s hard to get support and and answers.
We hear that you can downgrade us,
Back to what we had before.”

Amanda beamed. This job would pay!
Amanda: “My crew should be there in four.”

Pact (W/S1/E4/I10)

After a few moments,
The sun began to set.
Jessica smiled and hugged her Big Dog.

Jessica: “I think I understand you, yet.
Where do you want to go next?”

Joshua turned a little red.

Jessica: “No! I meant like, where next geographically.
I remember all that you’ve said.
Oh! Maybe I can come see your place?
I’m sure it has all kinds,
Of little knick-knacks and memorabilia
That will get me into your mind!”

Joshua: “You’ve already seen my place.”
Said Joshua, Matter-Of-Fact.

Jessica laughed but shortly realized,
His expression had not cracked.
Then realization hit her.
And it made her almost cry.
She pushed past Joshua into his van,
And then she gave a long sigh.
She saw his bedroll and more supplies,
She saw a road toilet and fridge.
Then she thought back to times before,
And all her thoughts began to bridge.

Jessica: “I know you liked to sleep in here,
When we were on the road.
But you really don’t have a home to speak of?
Let me lighten your load!”

That was one of the longest moments,
In Jessica’s entire life.
But Joshua took a deep breath,
And simply said: “Alright.”

Jessica: “You have a room at my place.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
And no matter who you meet, Joshua,
I am one you can trust.”

Sweetest Sixteen (W/S1/E4/I9)


Ann: “Why am I blindfolded?” Ann giggled,
As Joshua led her down the hall.

Joshua: “No reason. Don’t worry.
There’s no surprise at all.”

Ann chuckled and sat down,
In a chair Joshua led her to
And then she felt upon her face
Something somewhat new.

Ann: “Are you growing whiskers?”
She asked playfully
Though she smelled the paint.

Joshua: “Yeah, but that’s not what you feel.”

Ann: “Yeah, I know it ain’t.”

Ann smiled as Joshua continued,
His artistry on her face,
He crafted a rainbow butterfly,
On her right-cheek’s space.
She’d just come from swim practice.
She hadn’t changed out of her suit.
And she wore colorful shorts over her lower half
Bearing images of tropical fruit.

Ann: “So now that you’re done,
Do I get to see?

Joshua: “Just a minute more, darling.”

Joshua helped her out of her seat.
He led her just a little further,
Into a darkened barn.
He pulled the blindfold off of her face,
And she was instantly swarmed.

“Surprise!” Came the voice of all of her friends,
With painted faces and crazy clothes.
Lights and fog machines radiated,
This was quite the show!
Music thumped from a corner DJ,
And Joshua pulled her close for a dance.
What followed was the greatest night of Ann’s life.
Soundtracked by soaring trance.

Just As Good (C/S2/E2/I3)

The men stood in a semi-cricle
All wore baggy black fatigues
Hair stood up on Rayen’s neck,
She knew these men would not cease.

The head man’s voice was level
As was the barrel of his gun
And he spoke quietly as he said

Man: “Don’t even try to run.
We know what you’re after.
Just hand it over, see?
Then there won’t be any bullet holes,
And you can go scott-free.”

Then tension rose in Rayen’s silence
The man’s eyes’ pierced through her soul.
Then Braden spoke up from around the corner.
And his words filled that silent hole.

Braden: “You can have the tape. I’ll bring it now.”

Rayen said, “Braden! Stop!”

But just as she did, Braden came around,
And all he did was drop-
The microcassette in front of the men.
One picked it up, and they ran.
Rayen glowered at her grandson.

Rayen: “How could you give it to those men?!”

Braden smiled in boyish glee.

Rayen: “You didn’t? Where is it then??”

Braden produced a microcassette
From his right-hip pocket.
It was black with a blue stripe down the side.
Rayen’s heart leapt like a rocket.

Braden: “A copy is just as good as a tape.”

Rayen: “Well done, Nahuel my son.
Let’s get it to the Police ASAP.
And listen to what we just won!”