Plans Come Together

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Here’s what I wrote today from The World of Harmadonia (Fantasy)

7. Plans Come Together

The room was silent as Nema finished,
Both tales accounted for.
Fort was the first to break the silence.

Fort: “You both have suffered from this war.
This piratic war was not known in Ka’Lanner.
We would have come to your aid.
But it seems this war has now reached my shores,
And it’s time I get back, I’m afraid.”

Mobi: “I know a ship that would be easy to steal.”

Nema scolded her,

Nema: “No!
Enough looting has been done by the pirates!
By our own power we should go!”

Mobi: “We? You think that I’m going with you three?
You’re madder than a de-finned shark!”

Tension rose within the room.
All it needed was a little spark-
And the whole situation would be set ablaze-
These two sisters were so destroyed.
Windy stood up to help the situation.

Windy: “Nema! Mobi! Stop for a moment!
Don’t you both realize-
That Fort and I need to get to Ka’Lanner!
Look one another in the eyes!
We need you both to figure this out-
Or who knows what will happen!
If Ka’Lanner and Wyria both fall to the pirates
This whole world might wither and blacken!”

The sisters looked down for a moment or two,
The Nema began to speak.

Nema: “For the sake of the world we may steal one ship.
Will you come with us, Mobi, Please?
We would not able to sail without you.
You’ve grown and learned so much.”

Mobi: “I’ll return to Wyria for a while.
But it won’t be ‘going back home.’
Don’t think I missed you or anything.
I’m used to being alone.”

Fort: “Then we’ll sail to Puertielso La Rhystica,
Then you both can swing back-
North to Kilarmis Creek,
And not be hurt for lack-
Of food or supplies if this ship is well stocked.”

Mobi: “It will be. Don’t worry, Prince.
We’ll get you back to your kingdom and castle,”

She replied with a wink and a hint.

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