The Great Phantasma (Ebook)

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)
The Great Phantasma (Ebook)

The last time we left Cyrus Jones,
she was given a proposition over the phone.
That strange Mr. H had a mission for Cy,
a mission that required a local spy.
And so she went to a travelling carnival,
Uncle Andy’s by name it was known.
It stopped in Alpharetta every year,
but since Cyrus was little, it’d grown.
She followed her instructions, to a T.
Yes, she knew exactly where she was supposed to be:
the magic tent, with Bobby Carter.
The crowds were crowding, getting hotter and hotter.
The Whiz Kid, The Great One, these were his names.
He seemed addicted to large crowds, fortune and fame.
And with his entire act, Cyrus was impressed,
from his magic tricks, to his purple pin-striped vest.

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