The Prophecy (C/S1/E1/I1)

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

Reed Jones was a farmer, just North of Atlanta
His wife laid sick in bed. Just picture it, can’t ya?
A baby in her womb, a storm raging outside
The lightning locked them in. The storm poured from the skies.
So Reed dropped right down to his knees,
he raised his hands high, and he begged God,

Reed: “PLEASE!
Lord! Please God, save my wife and child!”

The wind started blowing, and there came something wild
An angel stood in the room tall and erect,
and he delivered a prophecy that in truth was perfect.

He said,

Ezekiel: “Reed Jones, good and faithful servant,
Your wife will be saved from death’s dark current.
Your daughter as well, but she’ll be born with power.
All weather before her eyes will cower.
And with God’s help, she will withstand great adversity.
She will lose everything, but she will learn this homily:
If Christ is with us, who can be against us?
Your daughter, Reed Jones, will stand for justice!”

A few weeks after that, Reed’s wife birthed from brittle bones,
A daughter with brown hair, and named her Cyrus Jones.

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