The Quill

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

What I wrote today from The World of Harmadonia

6 – The Quill

About an hour after Mobi was taken
To be sold into slavery,
Nema arrived back in those sewer halls,
To the worst sight she’d ever see.
Both of her parents laid there,
Dead upon the sewer floor.
She screamed and mourned and took several moments
Contemplating the ongoing war-
Of which now her parents were among
The casualties she saw scattered about-
The streets of Sabria that very night.
By those wretched pirates, stout.

Then the thought came to her mind,
Her sister wasn’t there.
She either escaped or was taken prisoner,
Which one, she wasn’t aware.
She vowed she’d find her missing sister,
No matter where she was veiled.
She would find her lost sister and reclaim her family,
For the parents she believed she’d failed.

Living was harder than she imagined,
In order to just get by-
She stole from the pirates she found around town,
Though even that made her heart cry.
Having to steal meant the world she once knew,
Was disappearing before her eyes.
Books and paintings were burned for fuel
To raise pirate masts to the skies.
Once beautiful Sabria became-
A pale and ghostly shadow
Through which the pirates did unspeakable things,
And were liberated to free-flow
In and out wherever they wanted,
No checks or balances in place.
No laws to quell the rising tide
No justice, only disgrace.

She vowed then to become self-sufficient,
And put all her effort into-
Sabotaging the pirates’ plans,
And finding her lost sister too.
She scoured the island for any sign
And planned to stay put until-
She found her sister, or her sister returned,
She had this iron will.

In the meantime, She donned a disguise at night.
To fight injustice in that land.
To stop the spread of the piratic empire,
With nothing but her brain and two hands.

When people began to call her a masked bandit,
She decided she’d herself define,
But writing the name she had chosen for her persona,
Using paper and pen that were fine.
“Quill” She wrote upon the paper,
And left it for all to see-
Wherever she did her feats of heroism,
And fought for the brave to be free.

Soon the name took hold of the pirates.
The feared the shadow of civilization.
They feared the mysterious vigilante woman
Who seemed to be taking back their nation.
The Quill became a bastion of hope,
For all in Sabria, fair.
But all Nema worried about day and night-
Was her sister Mobi’s affairs.

Joshua David Ling
Joshua David Ling is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for adventurous and heart-warming stories. His style has been called a combination of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen. He has written hundreds of rhyming stories and serials since he began his publishing company, Rhyme And Space in 2014. And he has been involved with public speaking, entertainment, and storytelling since 2001 at the age of 11. Growing up in Alpharetta, GA, Joshua was homeschooled by his mother and father, and helped homeschool his 4 siblings. He currently resides in Augusta, GA, with his wife Kay Cee and Daughter Hazel, where he maintains a rigorous writing schedule, social media presence, and partnership with Fellowship And Fairydust blog and magazine. Joshua is available for: Performances and Public Speaking, Freelance writing, Freelance Graphics and Media, and more.

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