Thus Says The Lord (C/S1/E1/I9)

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

ahiyasdi yah!
ahiyasdi yah!
ahiyasdi yah!

(Cherokee roughly translated:
save me!)

Down in the dry north creek bed,
a solemn sight filled Cyrus with dread.
Five or more unknown men,
were hauling gold out of a little den.
But suddenly one spotted Cyrus and gave the alarm.
They chased her down, tied her up and dragged her under the farm.
Through a little cave they took her
to the bottom of their land.
And what little light was there,
gleamed and shined like mad.
But suddenly there came a voice that echoed through the cave.
The voice of Phillip Keller came cold, sharp, and grave.
He said: “Cyrus Jones, what a surprise-you’ve come so very far.
But maybe a little dynamite will even up this score.
Boys, it’s time to go to Plan B, up to the surface go.
But leave this snooping gal down here, with her precious land she will go.
And when this land has been sealed off for safety’s sake alone,
We?ll take the rest of the gold and land. And nothing will be known.”

ahiyasdi yah!
ahiyasdi yah!
ahiyasdi yah!

Cyrus struggled with the men, she bit and she clawed
and soon she struggled her way up to the top.
Panic running through her veins like ice cold water,
the fear of being a lamb, led to the slaughter.
But suddenly Ezekiel stood right by her side,
He looked her straight in the eyes and said: “Do not run, do not hide.
Raise your hands to the heavens, let this drought come to an end,
upon these evil men, a tempest send.
Strike fear and lightning right into their hearts,
and rain hail upon their heads like frozen darts.
This do all with one accord.
Do what God has said, thus says The Lord!”

The lightnings raged, the thunder roared,
tornadoes and gales had Phillip’s men floored.
But Phillip Keller got the worst of the disaster.
He was thrown in the air spinning faster and faster,
screaming and writhing in the freakish cyclone,
and from dizzying heights, downward he was thrown.
He was knocked out, and paralyzed there.
Then Cyrus dropped in pain, and said a prayer.

“Lord God,” she began her prayer in earnest.
“Thank you for saving us from death’s dark current.
Hallelujah, praise you, God!
Amen, amen, here and abroad!”

gah gay you e!
gah gay you e!

(Cherokee roughly translated:
I love you!)

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