(Tolkienism 1) In The Beginning/Once Upon A Time

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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2017)

(This is part of a rap album I’m writing to describe a set of Christian ideas I like to refer to as Tolkienism.)

The Purpose of this album,
These Words, This essay
Is not to teach a new doctrine
Or to lead you astray.
The word I coined, Tolkienism
refers to a man
Whom I disagree with on many things.
But this is just a plan
Of mine to show you something
You might never have seen
When reading Scriptures and doctrines.
This is something in between-
The lines about Sovereignty
In the Westminster Confession
That for Me and John Ronald
Is/Was an obsession.

I’m penning these words
Because I feel like
Many cold-hearted Christians
Need to wake up and lay sight
On the Truth of God’s word
And the implications that come
From what the Bible says
About God’s One and Only Son!

I’m talking mainly to Reformed
Christians like me.
The “Frozen Chosen” some call us.
And we are God’s family.
But we’re holed up in our rooms
Typin’ on our computers
Like little hermits hidin’ from the world
It’s rapists and looters.
Hidin’ behind fancy words
And the logical strength
Of presuppositionalism
And let me be frank,
The more puffed up you get
The more you forget,
The first question in the Shorter Chat-
Wait, what was that?

I’m all for theology
And I love thinking deep.
I think these things need to be defined.
So we’re not on that steep-
Slippery slope. We’re on that solid ground.
God’s Word revealed.
But here’s what many cold hearts miss
This is what is concealed.

But before I let this album loose
Let me tell you please,
I’m not a Pastor or Teacher
No not in the least.
I’m a writer, I’m a poet,
At least some people say.
I’m just a Calvinist Christian
Who’s here to convey
These Words, This Truth
And I hope you engage it.
I hope you won’t be cold
Or cage-stage it.
Test my words, by The Word
See if it’s in sync.
Then get your own conclusion.
Let me know what you think.

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