Why Oh Why Can’t I?

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(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

From The World of Wrestling…

9 – Why Oh Why Can’t I?

The engine roared as Jessica flew
Around I-465.
The satellite radio in her rental car
Blaring a trip-hop for her drive.

Jessica was doing north of 90
Thinking through all she’d been through
How she’d fought through injury to come back this night
Everything just felt askew.

How could she have been eliminated so quickly?
What was it that she did wrong?
She passed a truck who blew their horn at her,
But she simply turned up her songs.

Joshua wasn’t understanding either.
But really, how could he be?
He was just her dumb rookie retirement plan.
What facts could he see?
But no… He had become more than that.
Jessica knew this to be true.
She thought about how he’d been her friend,
Through everything she’d been through.

Just then the song turned to something she thought-
Strange to be on that channel,
The Trip-hop song she heard was sampling
That old movie Wizard of Oz
She heard the voice of Dorothy and she wondered-
What could be the cause-
Of the Deja-vu she was now feeling,
And as her mind drifted,
She did not see that up ahead,
The road had suddenly shifted.

She tried to reacts but her reflexes were slow,
And her car crashed into a tree,
It knocked her out, but in sleep she remembered,
Why that song so familiarly-
Descended upon her senses,
While thinking about her Big Dog,
Over the Rainbow was the song playing,
When Ann had gone to meet God.

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