(W/S1/E5/I1) A Brand New Day

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2017)

The rumors swirled around
The World Wrestling League.
Speculation on who’d be the one
Hammerin’ Hank would choose to succeed-
The loathed and hated William Rothschild,
But nobody really knew who
Would be the one to get the job,
Or if he’d be a breakthrough.

Jessica Valero and Joshua Slayter
Had been invited to a meeting.
Hammerin’ Hank McClannahan
Said they’d be revealing
The one they’d chosen for Will’s job
The new General Manager of the League
And Jessica Valero bounced
With tons of excitement and glee
In her car as she drove
With Joshua riding shotgun.

Jessica: “It’s a brand new day, Joshua!
I can see the rising sun!”

Joshua: “You’re awfully dramatic.” Joshua laughed
“But I admit, I’m excited too.”

They then pulled up to the office building
At address 352.
They went inside and interns greeted,
And led the two into a room.
Coffee was poured for Jessica,
And the excitement continued to loom.

Finally Hank McClannahan took a step inside,
And trailing behind him was a man
Neither has seen in their life.

He was a tall and skinny white man,
With salt and pepper hair.
His face was clean shaven and kind,
With a little mischief in there.
He wore a royal blue suit and tie
And spoke with a Southern drawl

Man: “Hello hello hello!”
Was his cry, as he entered in from the hall.

Hank: “Jessica, Joshua, allow me to introduce
The man who made his name
Promoting racing here in the South,
Our new GM, Jerry Lane!”

And so began the wonderful meeting
Between two of Hank’s favorite stars,
And the one he’d hired to book matches,
Sign​ wrestlers, and lead the charge.
They talked about compensation,
Vision, and other things.
And by the time noon came around,
Their stomachs began to sing.

Jerry Lane treated them all
To a fine dining eatery,
And after they’d ordered their special food,
He engaged their curiosity.

Jerry: “So I bet you two would like to know
The matches On have planned for you,
Upon your return this Monday
At Inferno’s season debut.”

Jessica: “Yes of course!”
Jessica smiled and placed
Her chin in her hands.

Joshua: “I’m just excited to get back to work!
Lay it on us, man!”

Jerry: “Jessica, every time you come back,
There’s politics in the air.
You seem to have to fight from the bottom
And that is simply not fair.
But there are several women now
Who deserve a shot at the title.
So I’ve booked a 4-way elimination match,
And it’s your chance at revival.
You vs. Elissa Kwan Vs. Kytt Vs. Maria Laruex.
And the vacant women’s title is on the line.
Show me what you can do.”

It had been a very long time
Since Jessica held that belt.
And very little could describe the feeling
That Jessica Valero felt.

Jessica: “Thank you, sir!” Was all she could say.
But she wanted to give him a hug!
Jerry smiled and said: “You’re Welcome”
Followed by a shrug.

Jerry: “It’s the least we could do after all you’ve been through.
With The Atlantyx and Kylie Starr.
And I think you’ve still got lots more in the tank!
After-all, you’ve come this far!”

Then Jerry turned his attention,
To The Big Dog in the room.

Jerry: “-And Joshua Slayter, are you ready?
To make a great big boom?
We’ve entered you in a tournament
To return things to traditional roots.
No William Rothschild politics.
No hitmen and cahoots!
The winner of this tournament,
Will face Warren Nickolson,
And if he wins that match, he’ll be crowned,
The World Wrestling League Champion!”

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